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What is VisualCron?
VisualCron is an automation tool and task scheduler for Windows.

VisualCron provides advanced file/script execution, file transfer (FTP/FTPS/SFTP/SSH/HTTP), email, archiving (7z/zip/tar/gzip), XML handling, Active directory tasks, encryption (PGP), desktop macro recording, send/receive emails, system control (Hibernate,Standby,Restart,Logoff), SQL execution and monitoring are standard functions of VisualCron. Above all, the interface of VisualCron is very easy to use. No programming skills are needed.

Try for yourself for 45 days with full functionality. Contact support if you need any help with integration.

For a list of features look here. Find some reviews here. Find all the Tasks here.
What can VisualCron do for my company?
Featureautomate tedious and repetitive Tasks - see full list here
Featureeliminate human errors
Feature perform unattended work
Featurehandle, react and notify on system problems, data error etc.
Featuresolve problems without the programming requirements
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Enterprise architecture
Featureconsists of 3 applications, a Server, a Client and a Tray Client
FeatureServer runs your tasks in the background as a service - no login needed
Featureunlimited number of Clients can connect to one Server
Featureunlimited number of Clients can be installed for one server license
Featurecontrol the VisualCron Server remotely and secure through Internet
Featureeasy jump between different servers from one Client
Main window with Job and Task overview. Main window with Job and Task overview. Main window with right click menu alternatives. Output window that shows the stdout and stderr of a Task.
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Latest version: 7.2.0 [2014-08-29] Download Changes
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